My Dear Night / The Bridges of Sarajevo
short / omnibus documentary
2014, Bulgaria / France

Through the eyes of 13 European filmmakers, the film explores what Sarajevo has represented in European history over the past hundred years and what it represents in Europe today. Kamen Kalev’s My Dear Night is the opening short film.

Directed and written by: Kamen Kalev
Cinematographer: Julian Atanassov
Editor: Xavier Sirven

Starring : Samuel Finzi, Gilles Tschudi, Gergana Pletnyova

Producer: Filip Todorov

A man is floating in the water in an indoor pool. He is having a conversation with a stranger who warns him of the danger, the terrorists who want him dead will be outside, hidden in the crowd. Both men philosophize about God’s will and each other’s possibility of making their own choices. The man decides to come out, his appearance is longtime expected. He kisses his wife and they both get into a convertible military car, through the city streets.


Cannes International Film Festival – Official Selection, France 2014
Audience Award at the 50th Pesaro Film Festival, Italy

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“My Dear Night starts out as an elliptical study of a bearded man having a soak, then morphs into a fairly literal account of the celebrated assassination.” – The Guardian